Sunday, January 1, 2017

2nd Degree Black Belt, Dustun Gomes

"I first came to Kempo because my son was training in the Pee-Wees class.  As I sat outside and watched I would hear Professor Stiles share her message to the class. These messages were deep, thought provoking and many times required self reflection and some serious soul searching.  At that time in my life, this was just what I needed so I joined. 

One of Professor Stiles messages that can be used daily is,  " You can do anything for thirty seconds." I say it in my head when I'm working through stuff and I find myself repeating it to our Junior students. I use it often as a student and an instructor and I apply it in my life both on and off the training floor." 

- Instructor Dustun Gomes, 2017
  Second Degree Black Belt
*Instructor Gomes breaks bricks as a brown belt.