Kempo in the Community

KHON's Laulima Project

The Laulima Giving Program (many hands working together) assist struggling and deserving families, elderly and individuals including; children with special needs, families affected by incarceration and single parents through donations of goods, cash equivalents, enriching experiences and advocacy.

Universal Kempo In Keaau  was offered an opportunity to perform at KHON's Laulima Giving Drive at the Prince Kuhio Plaza in Hilo.  Our kids and adults demonstrations helped to bring attention to this great cause! 

To watch videos of the demonstration 
click here.

Keaau High School 

The Students of Keaau High School had a unique opportunity to restore a replica of a space shuttle cockpit.  In order to complete this project Keaau High School reached out to over 100 businesses in our community for help and Universal Kempo In Keaau was one of them!

As a result we were blessed with the opportunity to offer student incentives for several of their project related activities such as their naming and essay contests. Congratulations to these students for their hard work and creativity!  Mahalo to our adult class representative Isaiah Carvalho for presenting Leah with her award at her school assembly.

Neighborhood Place of Puna

NPP provides Puna families" access to the resources and support needed to raise their children in a safe, stable and nurturing home. They address concrete needs such as housing instability, skill building, developmentally appropriate parenting, while also offering opportunities of healing, growth, learning and personal development."

For over a decade Universal Kempo in Keaau has had the opportunity to support our community by volunteering and/or donating to this organization. Mahalo to Neighborhood Place of Puna for the opportunity to give back!