Wednesday, February 1, 2017

1st Degree Black Belt, Jasmine Pa'akaula

Training Kempo is not just an activity or a way to pass time, it's an opportunity for like minded individuals with common goals to come together and learn more about themselves and each other.  Learning the martial arts is an added bonus.

For me, training Kempo is an outlet away from work and from my personal life.  Kempo challenges me mentally and physically while I work towards my individual goals.  Two of the mantras that Professor Stiles frequently shares are to "leave whatever happened during the day at the door" and to "give my best effort and be my best self during the hour that I am in class."

Teaching in the kids class allows me the opportunity to positively influence the lives of children in our community. One of the things I often find myself telling our students is, "Be great for an hour".  This gives them hope through challenging situations and lets them know that anything can be accomplished if they put their minds to it.

UKKSA values each individual both on and off the training floor.